Hello js13k world!

Writing about the js13kGames competition on my personal blog was enough for six good years, but I’m finally catching up on all the various things I wanted to do. This time: a brand new blog.

Let's start blogging!

In a similar fashion I (re)launched gamedevjs.com as “proof of concept” to see what will happen next, I wanted to launch the js13kGames blog as easy and fast as possible. I’ve used Hexo as it seemed it will do the job - I don’t need WordPress, there are no accounts nor profiles, no themes, no comments, etc. Just plain old text.

I wanted to start blogging immediately to let you know about all the cool stuff I have planned for the competition this year, like two extra categories, changes in the t-shirt shipping process, Launch Parties in various locations, and more.

So, that’s it for now, but please watch this space for more announcements coming soon! If you’d like to comment on something please do so via Twitter, Facebook, or email me directly at contact@js13kgames.com.